Voting by post: your step by step guide

In the next few days, postal votes will be landing on doormats across Richmond Park and North Kingston. Here's a quick & easy guide on how to complete yours:

Step 1: Complete your ballot paper. You only have one vote in this election - so only put your cross by one box (hopefully this one!).

It's got to be Sarah Olney on Thursday 1st December

Step 2: Seal your ballot papers in the smaller envelope.

Seal your ballot paper in envelope A

Step 3: Sign the declaration AND fill in your date of birth. (This is really important, your vote won't be counted if you don't fill them both in!)

Sign the declaration & fill in your date of birth

Step 4: Put the sealed smaller envelope in the larger envelope along with your completed declaration and post right away!

Then place envelope A & the declaration inside Envelope B

Step 5: Put your ballot paper in the post!


It's that simple.

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