Vince Cable appoints Sarah Olney as Chief of Staff

Liberal Democrat Leader Vince Cable has made Sarah Olney one of his key appointments to his Leader's Office.

Sarah Olney, by-election victor and former MP for Richmond Park, will take over as Vince Cable's Chief of Staff on 25th September. 


Liberal Democrat Leader Vince Cable said:

"As an MP, Sarah showed the very best of our party as a strong voice and a clear thinker.

"Sarah will head up my Leader's team, bringing her experience to bear and helping the Liberal Democrats make the biggest possible impact in the centre of British politics.

"I am looking forward to working closely with her and Mark as we and the whole party articulate the case for an exit from Brexit and a grown-up approach to the UK economy."

Newly appointed Chief of Staff Sarah Olney said:

"In five months in Parliament, I saw what an impact the Liberal Democrats make at Westminster.

"I am delighted to be able to help Vince Cable and the whole team make a difference as Chief of Staff to the Leader.

"I am looking forward to working with the strong team of staff we have at Liberal Democrat HQ to take our party's fortunes from strength to strength."

Sarah Olney will step down as PPC for Richmond Park following the appointment.