Thank you Richmond Park & North Kingston

I am writing to thank the people of Richmond Park and North Kingston for participating in one of the closest fought elections in recent times. 

Despite my narrow defeat on Thursday, I had the most incredible six months, which I will always look back upon with enormous pride. I consider it a huge honour to have represented Richmond Park constituency in Parliament and have enjoyed every second of it.

I’m proud of the campaign that we ran over the last few weeks – and thrilled that, compared to the 2015 election, we achieved the biggest swing away from the Conservatives of any constituency in the country. The fact that we fell short by a painfully few 45 votes doesn’t do justice to the fact that we increased the Liberal Democrat vote by 8,000 while Zac Goldsmith's vote was reduced by 5,800. This must bode well for the next General Election – whenever that may be. The "coalition of chaos" irony is not lost on me either!

I’ve been appalled by the way the Conservatives have run this country over the last two years and never more so than today. Whilst I wish Zac Goldsmith all the best over the coming difficult weeks and months, I hope that he continues to provide sustained opposition to a third runway at Heathrow and advances the cause of a more pro-European attitude to the Brexit negotiations that the vast majority of voters in Richmond Park support and that I and my team have so closely fought for over the past six months. I know that we will all be watching closely.

Best wishes,

Sarah Olney

(020) 8819 4332


Zac Goldsmith - 28,588 - 45.1% (-13.1)
Sarah Olney - 28,543 - 45.1% (+25.8)
Cate Tuitt - 5,773 - 9.1% (-3.2)
Peter Jewell - 426 - 0.7% (-3.5)
Majority 45