OPINION: Sir David Attenborough, the Arcadian Thames and the Richmonds Medal

It was a privilege to meet Sir David Attenborough on Monday night at the extraordinary Thames Landscape Strategy 20th anniversary celebration performance.

14-R-david-attenborough-medal-W1200.jpgSir David Attenborough was presented with the inaugural Richmonds Medal in honour of his contribution to conserving irreplaceable landscapes.

The medal was presented by the Duke of Gloucester on behalf of the Father Thames Trust, chaired by Lord Watson of Richmond who is pictured here next to Sir David. (Photo: Richmond and Twickenham Times News).

One 'irreplaceable landscape' is the Arcadia stretch of Thames here. Another 'irreplaceable landscape' is the view of the James river in Richmond, Virginia. Hence the 'Richmonds' Medal, strengthening the link between the historically connected communities.

Lord Watson said: "This medal is in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the appreciation, preservation and enhancement of irreplaceable landscapes that are our heritage. Sir David Attenborough is a great advocate and ambassador for the environment in Richmond and I cannot think of anyone more deserving to be the first recipient of this medal than him."

For more information on the vital work of the Thames Landscape Strategy in our area: http://thames-landscape-strategy.org.uk/arcadianthames

Here is a video of Sir David's acceptance speech, where he talks about the extraordinary vision and success of the Thames Landscape Strategy: