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UPDATE, JUNE 2014: Kew Book Shop Saved

This petition has now closed - thanks for your support. Read about the successful campaign to save Kew Bookshop.

Help us save Kew village

The Super-Landlords of Kew want to knock down the Kew Bookshop, a beautiful century-old wooden structure, and replace it with a brick two-storey building for luxury retail.

The Liberal Democrats in Kew have vowed to oppose the planning application "every step of the way". It would set a terrible precedent for Kew village. Robin Meltzer said: "Before long, only the big chains and estate agents who can afford the high rents will move into Kew, destroying its village character for ever."

Read the full story and learn how to object to the Council.

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We, the undersigned, call for the retention of The Kew Bookshop. We strongly oppose Planning Application 14/1452/FUL and any other plan by the Super-Landlords of Kew that would change Kew Village into a retail environment of chain stores and multi-national firms.


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