Sarah Olney - A fresh new voice for Richmond Park & North Kingston

Sarah Olney is our new Richmond Park PPC, duly elected at the very well attended hustings on Friday 22nd July.



She’s a woman of relentless optimism who is passionate about standing up for liberal values and a real opportunity for the Liberal Democrats in Richmond Park to continue to make the case for tolerance, internationalism and co-operation.

The increase in local membership that we’ve seen in the last month shows that there are many people who share these values: Richmond Park is an optimistic, pro-European constituency.

As our PPC Sarah will take the fight to the Tories in Richmond Park & North Kingston and be a powerful counterpoint to Zac Goldsmith’s negative, divisive campaigning and pro-Leave stance.

Sarah, who joined the joined the Lib Dems in May 2015, lives in North Kingston with her family and is an accountant working at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington. She played an active part in the GLA and referendum campaigns and as Richmond Park’s PPC will continue the fightback, and campaign for openness, freedom and liberalism.

Three things to know about Sarah:

  1. Sarah is a local resident and a fresh voice for our area
  2. Sarah will be a passionate and articulate voice that will make sure the Lib Dems voice is heard.
  3. Sarah will work hard to enthuse the hundreds of people who, like her, have joined in the last two years.

In the coming months expect to meet Sarah at local meetings, door knocking, leafleting and street stalls; continuing to campaign that the Liberal Democrats are the only true voice of the residents of Richmond Park.