Conservatives in disarray over 70,000 homes plan for our Green Belt


The truth about the plan for Kingston's green belt

Over the last few days, the Conservatives have been in disarray after the Liberal  Democrats exposed plans, backed by the Tory Deputy Mayor of London, for up to 70,000 homes on irreplaceable Green Belt landscape in Chessington in Kingston borough.

In the space of one week, the Conservatives have gone from denial to confusion and now outright panic.

First, they said they will use Green Belt land for their plans.Then they claimed to oppose it locally. 

Finally, the Conservative Deputy Mayor said he knows nothing about the plan for 70,000 homes on the Green Belt even though he launched the report and is on record as supporting the recommendations.

We have been here before. Before the last General Election, the Liberal Democrats discovered the massive threat to services at Kingston Hospital. The Conservative response was familiar: first, they claimed we made it up. Then they decided to join the campaign. Mr Goldsmith in Richmond Park even included it on his famous list of things which would make him resign as an MP and brought David Cameron along to the hospital to pledge that it would thrive. None of that would have happened without the Liberal Democrats. Then they switched back to claiming we made it up.

We believe that Kingston residents in both Kingston & Surbiton and North Kingston deserve better than this. We will never hesitate at exposing plans which would damage our communities. 

To sign the petition against the threat to Kingston's beautiful greenbelt, please visit

And to read the Liberal Democrat plans for how we could be building new housing away from the Green Belt, if the Mayor of London would only use the powers he has to build on land he already controls, please visit:

Edward Davey
Liberal Democrat MP for Kingston and Surbiton 

Robin Meltzer
Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Campaigner for Richmond Park & North Kingston



Threat to Green Belt - A Timeline of events

7th March - Richard Blakeway, Boris Johnson's Deputy Mayor for Housing, launches and endorses London First report, "Home Truths". Local Lib Dems discover the detail of the Tory-backed plans and the devastating impact it would have on Chessington.  

Wednesday 26th March -  Local Lib Dems launched the online petition against the destruction of Chessington's Green Belt.

Thursday 27th March -, Council meeting in Kingston. Conservative Councillor Richard Hudson came out in opposition to plans for 70,000 homes on the Chessington Green belt saying: "Both parties on this issue are aligned in Kingston".

Friday 28th March,- a spokesman from the Mayor of London's office claimed to the Surrey Comet that the Deputy Mayor hadn't seen the proposals in the report he endorsed.