Robin in the Daily Telegraph: "There's nothing patriotic about bashing immigration from Europe"

Robin_portrait_meadow_1_SMALL.jpgRobin Meltzer, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Richmond Park and North Kingston, has written a letter to the Daily Telegraph condemning recent Conservative policies on European immigration. The letter, which was signed by ninety prominent Liberal Democrats including the Party President Tim Farron MP, the incoming Party President, Baroness Brinton, and the former Party Leader Lord Ashdown, states:

"There is nothing patriotic about bashing immigration from Europe. It is opportunistic, weak and fundamentally un-British. Migrants from the EU claim less in benefits than people born in this country. They are a massive net positive to the British economy. The Tories are scared to admit this. They have lost all sense of political courage – and that is why people have lost confidence in them."

Robin was also quoted in the newspaper, saying: "The Lib Dem case is that Britain has benefited from being in Europe.

"Our manufacturers and businesses have access to hundreds of millions of customers. Our citizens can travel freely in Europe. The disgusting and inflammatory language used by Ukip about immigrants is something which should be condemned by the Conservatives, not aped."