How you can help us win in Richmond Park

The Richmond Park by-election is a fantastic opportunity, but we'll need your help to win it. Find out how you can help:

By Richmond Park Liberal Democrats, 31/10/2016


We are fighting a Parliamentary by-election caused by Goldsmith's resignation - the Liberal Democrats held this seat until 2010 and we're the clear challengers to Zac.

Electing a Lib Dem MP in Richmond Park will send a strong message to the Tory Government not just on Heathrow, but on Brexit too. It’s a tremendous opportunity for people to give their verdict on the direction Theresa May’s new government is taking our country.

Goldsmith is running as an Independent in name only – he will be backed by Conservatives who aren’t running a candidate against him.

But we need all hands on deck - and how good a result we get in Richmond Park will be 100% down to what you can do - so, here's a few ways you can help:

1. Come to Richmond Park to campaign

We hit the ground running, but we need to do more. If you can make it to help in Richmond Park, please sign up on the link below and we will be in touch with everything you need to know:

Sign up to volunteer

2. Volunteer from home

If you can’t be there in person, you can be a huge help by making canvassing calls from home. All the instructions you need to do this are here:

Make calls from home

3. Make a donation today

If you can help us win by making a donation, please do - early donations will make a massive difference and mean we can do much, much more in the long run.


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