22 reasons (and counting) it's got to be Sarah

This election is an opportunity to send the Government a message on Brexit, Heathrow and the NHS.

Here are 22 (and counting) more reasons why it's got to be Sarah on Thursday 1st December:

1. She’s not a career politician, she’s an accountant at the National Physical Laboratory.

2. She’s passionately pro-european and campaigned for a remain vote in the European Referendum.

3. She’ll vote against the government invoking article 50 if she is elected.


4. She’s against building a 3rd runway at Heathrow - the Liberal Democrats have been at the forefront of this campaign for decades.

5. The Liberal Democrats want the public to have a say on the final brexit deal - a new referendum, not re-running the last one.

6. She supports the local NHS and want’s the government to fund it properly.

7. Sarah's Lib Dems are on the up!


8. The Liberal Democrats will be a powerful opposition against the 3rd runway in the House of Commons and House of Lords.

9. She want’s to see better dementia care in Richmond Park and North Kingston - 1 in 10 people here are affected by it.

10. She lives locally with her two children and husband Ben and knows our area inside out.

11. Three Labour MPs called on Labour to stand aside because they no that only Sarah can beat Zac Goldsmith.


12. She’s the only pro-european candidate who can win this election.

13. The Green party stepped aside so people can rally round Sarah.

14. City "superwoman" Nicola Horlick has backed Sarah.

15. The Liberal Democrats have campaigned against Heathrow expansion for over 40 years.

16. Pro-european groups are backing Sarah to win.


17. The Women’s Equality Party are backing Sarah to win.

18. Lots of local Labour members wanted their party to stand aside and back Sarah as they know she is the only person who can beat Zac Goldsmith.

19. The Liberal Democrats are winning across the country.


20. Zac Goldsmith campaigned for a leave vote and is being backed by UKIP in this election.

21. The smart money's on Sarah! The bookies say it's a straight fight between Brexiter Zac and Sarah.

22. Only Sarah can take on the government on Brexit, Heathrow and the NHS.