North Kingston WINS its school

Robin Meltzer, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Richmond Park, North Kingston and New Malden has warmly welcomed today's announcement that the Kingston Educational Trust has had its bid approved for a new open-to-all secondary school in North Kingston.

"This announcement is a victory for everyone who has campaigned for so long to make this a reality. Congratulations are due to KET, and most importantly to the hundreds upon hundreds of local parents and campaigners who stood up and made themselves heard on this issue. We need a new school, a good school to serve all our children as they leave our excellent primary schools, and now we are to have one."

Robin Meltzer also paid tribute to former MP Susan Kramer for her work on this in recent years, and to Kingston Council who formed part of the Trust that won approval for the school. "It's not easy to set up a new school in this climate," said Robin, "but this innovative model which allowed the local authority to work with the local community, to provide a school for the entire community, has proved to be successful and that's excellent news for parents in this constituency."