Petition: No to Water Cannon in London

[UPDATE March 11, 2015] Home Secretary Theresa May has withheld approval for three crowd control water cannons bought by London Mayor Boris Johnson at a cost of over £200,000.

According to The Guardian, a government source said a decision on licensing would be delayed until after the general election in May.

Allowing water cannon on London’s streets will not cut crime. It will not prevent serious disorder on those rare occasions in our city where mass protest turns to such disorder. It will hurt people for whom it was not even intended. And it will change, irrevocably, the relationship between the individual and the Police, ending, in an instant, the concept of policing by consent.

For more on this subject, read Robin's article.

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We, the undersigned, are opposed to the introduction of water cannon in London. We do not believe the use of water cannon would cut crime or prevent disorder, yet it would damage the right of citizens to engage in peaceful protest without the fear of harm. We call upon the Mayor of London and the Home Secretary to abandon plans to introduce this militaristic and brutal form of policing to London, which would end the concept of policing by consent. 

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