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What’s the problem?

Over 725,000 people are already affected by noise from Heathrow.

No airport in Europe comes even close to that level of noise pollution. In fact, half of all the people in Europe affected by aircraft noise live under the Heathrow flight path.

But it’s not just about noise pollution. The pollutants from aircraft hang across our city, contributing to respiratory disease and shortened life spans and helping to make London the worst capital city in Europe for air quality.

People very close to the airport are more likely to suffer health problems and high levels of stress and anxiety. It would be wrong to subject yet more people to this.

A third runway at Heathrow – an airport positioned in a residential part of our capital city - would lead to the destruction of homes and entire villages. It would be an environmental outrage and a noise pollution disaster for hundreds of thousands of residents.

What are we doing about it?

The Liberal Democrats in Richmond and South West London have long led the campaign against Heathrow expansion and a third runway. Now, the Lib Dems in the Coalition Government are PREVENTING senior Conservatives from pressing ahead with expanding the airport.

You can follow the process of the Airports Commission and get information about making your own submission here:

How does London compare to other cities?

There is no connectivity crisis - London is widely regarded as one of the best connected cities in the world with its five airports well serving around 130 million passengers a year. This is more than any other city worldwide. More passengers fly in and out of London than any other city on the planet.  There is existing capacity in the UK which is under-used, not least because the airlines are using the slots at Heathrow for small planes which are not even full.

Read more about this here: Alternatives to new runways at Heathrow

What do real business owners say?

In an independent survey of small and large businesses in 2008, 95% of them said a third runway would make little or no difference to them.

How you can help

With Labour responsible for the original plan to build a third runway at Heathrow and senior Conservatives eager to ditch their promise not to, it is the Liberal Democrats who have stopped the runway going ahead. It is therefore vital that we keep the pressure up so that the Prime Minister and the airport industry understand the strength of feeling on this issue. We want the third runway question taken off the table – for good.

Join our campaign today to show the Prime Minister and the airline industry that Heathrow airport is big enough already, and that subjecting even more residents in West London to even more noise misery is unacceptable.

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