No Night Flights

What’s the problem?

Hundreds of thousands of people living under the flight path are woken up at 5am or earlier by night flights. These flights rid residents of their few hours of respite from aircraft noise.

Lib Dems are against all night flights at Heathrow. At tiny number of passengers are disturbing nightly sleep for hundreds of thousands.

It is very difficult to imagine any business-case for jet-lagged trans-continental commuters arriving in London for a working day beginning at 5am.

This is a health, well-being and mental health issue which affects everyone in the area but has particular impact on vulnerable people, the elderly and children.

What are we doing about it?

The Liberal Democrats passed a new resolution at our conference in Brighton in 2012, explicitly committing the party to a policy of no night flights at Heathrow (except, of course, for emergencies).

The Liberal Democrats represented views of thousands of local residents with our submissions to the 2013/2014 Night Flights consultation. The result was to retain the main features of the then current regime until 2017, in particular the numbers of movements permitted.

You can read about the consultation findings under the coalition government here:

How you can help

Working and campaigning together, we can get the number of night flights down to ZERO. It can’t be right that planes taking off and landing from Heathrow in the small hours of the morning are waking up thousands upon thousands of people every day.

If you agree with this, please join our NO 3rd runway at Heathrow campaign.

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