Nicola Horlick backs Sarah in Richmond Park

Nicola Horlick, the successful businesswoman often dubbed the City “superwoman”, threw her wight behind Sarah Olney - because of her strong approach on business and the importance of remaining in the Single Market.

The endorsement came as Sarah and Nicola visited Kew High Street to speak to local businesses owners about the impact of Brexit on them and their businesses.

The pair were also joined by Baroness Susan Kramer, former MP for Richmond Park and now the party’s Shadow Chancellor.

As she backed Sarah Olney, Nicola had this to say:

"As a constituent, I’ve been really impressed by Sarah's approach to business and her determination to protect British membership of the Single Market."
"My sense is that business is now reacting to the reality of a looming Brexit."
"For the sake of jobs and prosperity in London I think it is absolutely vital that we remain in the Single Market."

After Sarah received Nicola's endorsement, Sarah Olney said:

"I am honoured that such a distinguished business figure should join me today."

 "People here are telling me that this by-election is their opportunity to send a message, in the strongest possible terms, to the Conservative Government that they need to think again about their hard Brexit agenda."

 "I stand with the vast majority of residents here who voted for the UK to remain in Europe and are horrified at the direction the Government is taking the country on this issue, which is damaging the economy and will have a negative impact on local jobs."

 "The choice for voters here is a new MP who will stand up for them on Brexit and the NHS, or not".