Kew Bookshop SAVED

The application to demolish the Kew Bookshop has been refused.

Robin Meltzer, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Campaigner for Richmond Park said:

"Thanks to all of you who supported our campaign to save Kew Bookshop. I’m happy to confirm that, after the sustained campaign by the local community, the application to demolish the Kew Bookshop and replace it with a two-storey building was rejected on Monday.

This is a resounding success for residents across the borough who have been sticking up for local independent traders. The local Liberal Democrats consulted with local residents and traders and submitted close to 1,800 signatures supporting a petition for the retention of the Kew Bookshop. The Liberal Democrat team then pushed for the objections to be heard; and submitted the petition on time to the planning officer reviewing the matter."

Isla Dawes, owner of the Kew, Barnes and East Sheen Bookshops said: “Thank you to all those borough residents who signed the petition against the planning application. We hope to serve our loyal customers for many years to come”.

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