It is the Lib Dems who are stopping Heathrow expansion

The Liberal Democrats reiterated their opposition to Heathrow expansion. The Leader of the Lib Dems, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, met with Robin Meltzer, the Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Richmond Park this March. Mr Clegg said:

"The Liberal Democrats have always opposed a third runway at Heathrow. Robin Meltzer and the Richmond Park Liberal Democrats have done an outstanding job campaigning against the third runway, which would be unacceptable due to the concerns around noise and air pollution."


Robin Meltzer said: "Despite warm words from the local Tory MP, he has utterly failed to influence his own party; they just do not listen to him. He would provide no break on a Conservative majority government intent on expanding Heathrow airport.

"Everybody knows that without the Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government, the Conservatives will press ahead with what would be an environmental outrage and a noise-pollution disaster for tens of thousands of residents."

725,000 people live under the Heathrow flight path, and that is before any expansion at Heathrow is considered.

240,000 people live experience persistent and high levels of noise from aricraft noise, according to the World Health Organisation and the European Commission.  No airport in Europe comes even close to that level of noise pollution.

Robin Meltzer says: "However quiet planes get, they are still noisy. However safe planes get, they are still flying above an extraordinarily densely populated chunk of residential London.

"Each time Heathrow expands, villages and homes are demolished. The roads around Heathrow already breach European guidelines on air pollution. People close to the airport are known to suffer health problems and high levels of stress and anxiety due to exposure throughout the day from aircraft noise. Thousands of people living under the flight path are woken up before 5am. 

"For all these reasons, it is the worst of all possible options for airport expansion in the United Kingdom and the Liberal Democrats will continue to fight it."