No Heathrow Expansion


The Liberal Democrats remain OPPOSED to a third runway at Heathrow airport, and we have campaigned for an end to all night flights (except for emergencies).

This is a crucial time for people in our constituency.

The Conservatives are pressing ahead with what would be an environmental outrage and a noise-pollution disaster for tens of thousands of residents.

725,000 people live under the Heathrow flight path, and that is before any expansion at Heathrow is considered.

240,000 people live within the "57 dBA Leq day contour area" which means they experience persistent and high levels of noise from aircraft noise, according to the World Health Organisation and the European Commission.  No airport in Europe comes even close to that level of noise pollution, as in fact even the Davies Commission interim report accepts.

However quiet planes get, they are still noisy. However safe planes get, they are still flying above an extraordinarily densely populated chunk of residential London.

People close to the airport are known to suffer health problems and high levels of stress and anxiety due to exposure throughout the day from aircraft noise. Thousands of people living under the flight path are woken up before 5am. Incredibly, the Davies interim report recommends a “smoothing” of morning flights which would mean more flights between 5am and 6am to finally finish off the prospect of people falling asleep again.

The Liberal Democrat position on Heathrow has always been clear: the airport is big enough. There is no connectivity crisis - London is widely regarded as one of the best connected cities in the world with its five airports well serving around 130 million passengers a year. This is more than any other city worldwide.

As a party the Liberal Democrats remain opposed to a third runway at Heathrow, we blocked it in the coalition parliament (2010-2015), we were the only Party to vote against it in Select Committee, and we oppose all night flights."