BLOG: Goldsmith to run for London Mayor

Richmond Park's Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith has announced his intention to stand for nomination as the party's candidate for London mayor.

If not already received, in the next few days residents across Richmond Park and North Kingston will receive a postal ballot paid for by Goldsmith, asking his constituents whether he should stand to be the Conservative candidate for London Mayor.

Everyone has the right to seek their party's nomination for Mayor, including sitting MPs, and I wish Mr Goldsmith well. However, as I said in today's Richmond and Twickenham Times (LINK), Mr Goldsmith is being coy about whether or not it is his intention to do two jobs if his ambition to become Mayor were to be realised. I believe he should be up front and unambiguous about this. 

Having repeatedly said before the General Election that he was not interested in the Mayoralty, it is quite right that he seek the views of local residents now that he has changed his mind.  However, I also believe it is important that Richmond Park and North Kingston has a full time Member of Parliament at all times and that London has a full time Mayor. If you agree with that basic principle, whatever your party politics, and however you choose to vote in Mr Goldsmith's postal ballot, I would encourage you to make that point in the comments section.

**Update June 15th**

Since this Blog post was published, Zac Goldsmith has made it clear he will stand down in the event that he becomes Mayor of London. See here