Federal Policy Committee

The Federal Policy Committee is setting up a number of policy working groups designed to develop our Party’s policies for the 2015-2020 Parliament. The Committee would like to invite any member to apply. The deadline for applications is Wednesday 9 September.


Social security – The group will look at what effects changes to the welfare state announced by the Conservative Government are likely to have, including on poverty and inequality. It will consider what a LibDem vision for social security policy should be.

Security and privacy – The group will consider how we can protect and enhance civil liberties while maintaining and improving public safety and security in the UK. Covering threats to security, police and security service powers and accountability, online surveillance and encroachment on liberty by the media and other non-state entities

Sex work – Following conference motion Towards Safer Sex Work (2014), the group will review party policy on sex work; covering the risks and stigma sex workers face, the impact of increased criminalisation, links to organised crime and modern slavery and the influence of developments across borders.

We would also be grateful if you could refer members who you think would be interested or qualified to apply. The FPC encourages new members, in particular, to take part. 


Group members will be expected to attend regular meetings, which usually take place in London outside of working hours. We try to make dial in facilities available wherever possible.