Continued chaos at Richmond station bus stop

Robin Meltzer, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Campaigner for Richmond Park and North Kingston, is working with Caroline Pidgeon, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats on the London Assembly, to get Transport for London to reinstate the second bus stop outside Richmond station.

Robin Meltzer said: "The latest phase of the chaos caused by the 'development' of Richmond station forecourt is the extraordinarily long bus stop immediately outside the station.

"Many residents helped hurry Transport for London along to get the Countdown indicator installed at the single new bus stop. The next part of the battle to restore some sort of order to this project is to reinstate a second bus stop outside the station to divide the routes.

"This is clearly needed because currently people are having to sprint past two or three buses to get to the one they need. This is a ridiculous and unacceptable situation for everyone but particularly for the elderly, the disabled or those traveling with young children."