Your choice on Thursday

There's a lot at stake. Your vote could decide the direction of our country and our economy.

Re-electing Leave campaigner Zac Goldsmith will be a boost for Brexit.

Voting for Remain campaigner Sarah Olney will send the Government a clear message against hard Brexit.

 It's a simple choice, with huge consequences.

Your vote can protect our economic future...

 The eyes of the country are on Richmond Park and North Kingston this week. We carry the hopes of millions of people who have felt powerless since the referendum as the Government drags the country towards hard Brexit.

This by-election is perhaps our final chance to make the Government think again.

A win for the Sarah Olney and the Liberal Democrats on Thursday will mean this area gets an MP who shares its views on Europe. Sarah will fight to keep Britain in the single market and to safeguard jobs and opportunity.

I will fight to keep Britain in the single market and to safeguard jobs and opportunity.

- Sarah Olney

Leaving the single market would be deeply damaging for jobs, businesses and the economy.

Just this week the Government had to admit to a £220bn Brexit black hole in the public finances.

But despite all this, Leave campaigner Zac Goldsmith is still backing a hard Brexit.

Zac’s voting record in Parliament is even more anti-EU than UKIP’s MP. No wonder Nigel Farage is backing Zac in this election.

He knows that a win for Zac here would be an endorsement of the Conservatives’ hard Brexit agenda.

We can’t afford to let that happen.

We would be better off out of the EU. I will be voting to leave.
UKIP backs Zac Goldsmith to block Lib Dem win in by-election.


...and that's why more and more local people are backing Sarah.

Zac Goldsmith will support the Conservative Government in Parliament. We need Sarah Olney to be our next MP to stand up to the Government on Brexit and NHS cuts.

Will you join them? Add your name and back Sarah.