A hard Brexit will devastate our NHS

A hard Brexit risks doing irreparable damage to our NHS - and the Richmond Park by-election vote on 1st December for Sarah sent a strong message to this Conservative Brexit Government.


Our NHS is already under immense strain due to underfunding by this Conservative government. Ahead of the Autumn Statement, my party called for an additional £4bn in crisis funding to make sure our Doctors and Nurses have the resources they need.

Unfortunately, the Conservatives didn’t even mention the NHS in the Autumn Statement - let alone give it the funding it desperately needs!

New figures obtained by the LibDems have shown another huge threat facing our local NHS.

A hard Brexit. A hard Brexit will risk an exodus of EU nationals on whom our health service relies and blowing an enormous hole in the public finances (already estimated at over £220bn).

That will stretch our NHS to breaking point.

It’s even more dangerous for hospitals around Richmond and Kingston, where hundreds of doctors and over a thousand nurses come from Europe, would be particularly badly hit by the Conservatives refusal to guarantee EU citizens right to stay.

The good news is that you, the voters of Richmond and Kingston had a chance to tell this government that they are taking our country in the wrong direction on Brexit and the NHS.

The Liberal Democrat victory in Richmond Park sends a clear warning to dozens of Conservative MPs that they too risk losing their seats unless Theresa May reins in her hard Brexit agenda.