Brexit is already hurting London's small businesses

Brexit and Theresa May's draconian immigration policies are damaging Britain's small businesses.

Paddy Ashdown and Sarah visited a local restaurant on Tuesday November 8th to talk about the impact of Brexit and Theresa May's hardline stance on immigration on London's curry industry.

owner and head chef of the Roz Ana restaurant in Kingston

They spoke at length with the owner and head chef of the Roz Ana restaurant in Kingston about their problems recruiting chefs from abroad and the impact of Brexit on rising food prices

Doing my best not to mess things up

Visiting the kitchen and Sarah got a chance to learn how to make naan bread.

The simple fact is: Theresa May’s dogmatic approach on immigration is damaging London's economy and letting down businesses.

That's only being made worse by undermining trade talks during her shambolic trip to India this week. 

That approach is also totally at odds with some of the promises made by Leave campaigners during the referendum campaign.

Leading Brexiteers like Priti Patel said a vote to Leave would save British curry houses struggling with a shortage of skilled chefs; now as senior ministers at the heart of this Government they are failing the very businesses they promised to help.

During their visit, this is what Deepinder Sondhi, the General Manager at Roz Ana had to say about the Government's approach to Brexit and Immigration:

There are so many good Indian restaurants in London now, but there are not enough good chefs to go round. It's not sustainable, the restaurant next door shut down last week.

The drop in the pound since Brexit has increased food prices and put pressure on our profits.

It's becoming very difficult for small businesses like ours.

People don't want to see prices going up on the menus, but soon we will be left with no choice.

 - Deepinder Sondhi, General Manager, Roz Ana restaurant

Small local businesses are struggling at the hands of this Conservative Government's reckless and divisive approach to Brexit.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats will send a clear message to Theresa May that she is taking the country in the wrong direction on Europe and that the people of Richmond Park and North Kingston want to keep our country open, tolerant and united.