Big boost for primary schools in Richmond Park & North Kingston

The Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government have today introduced the biggest ever rise in the Pupil Premium for primary schools to help ensure that more pupils are able to achieve higher standards.

The Pupil Premium provides schools with extra money to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds. This will help whole classes move forward faster together.

Robin_talking_to_woman_in_New_Malden_A_small.jpgIt will be increased to £1,300 per eligible primary school pupil in 2014/15, up from £900 per child this year. That’s likely to mean an extra £482,000 for primary schools in Richmond Park and North Kingston.

"The important thing about this Liberal Democrat policy of a Pupil Premium is that schools are able to spend the money in whichever way their leadership team thinks will best help pupils," said Robin Meltzer, the Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Richmond Park and North Kingston.

"Some schools use it to hire extra staff, others to provide reading and maths classes for children who need an extra hand or perhaps to provide appropriate IT facilities.

"All the evidence shows that if a child starts behind in secondary school, they stay behind. That is what we have to change.

"This boost in the Pupil Premium will help ensure we give those children a better start at secondary school, so they have a better start in life.”