Announcement of Richmond station bus stop Countdown service welcomed, but Lib Dems warn about “papering over the cracks”

An announcement on 29th April by Transport for London that they are installing a Countdown indicator on the bus stop at Richmond station "as a matter of urgency" has been welcomed by the local Liberal Democrats who campaigned for it. However, the party has also warned that the overall situation with buses at Richmond station remains "shambolic and unacceptable".

Robin Meltzer, the Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Richmond Park, and Caroline Pidgeon, who leads the Lib Dems on the London Assembly, pressed Transport for London again this week on the "unacceptable delay" in installing a countdown indicator to ease the frustration bus users have been facing since the redevelopment of Richmond station forecourt.

"This has been raised with us on the doorsteps across Richmond," said Robin Meltzer.

In a response on 29th April, Transport for London apologised to bus users for the delay, which they said was due to the need for a new electricity supply to be installed. 

UK Power Networks (UKPN) were installing the new electricity supply hardware over night on 29th April. Once UKPN have confirmed that the new electricity supply has been fully implemented, Transport for London say they will "install the Countdown board as a matter of urgency."

Robin Meltzer commented: "We will press TfL for an exact date but I do welcome the fact that at least our Countdown display has now been added to the priority list. However, bus users remain frustrated that the wider problems outside the station are still not being addressed."

"We greatly welcome anything that improves the present shambolic situation facing bus travellers at Richmond Station," added Jerry Elloy, Liberal Democrat Transport Spokesperson. "However, this is simply papering over the cracks; the Cabinet Member for Transport needs to get his act together and sort out the bus stops without further delay."

"We have pressed the Council Officers to find out why the second bus stop at the station has not been reinstated. They blame Transport for London, citing internal disagreements between their London Buses Section, and the Public Carriageway Section which deals with taxis. In the meantime, TfL’s view is that the Council has agreed to the reintroduction of the second bus stop pending further discussions.

"What is clear," continued Jerry Elloy, "is that while these organisations argue amongst themselves, commuters are being seriously inconvenienced outside Richmond Station."