The Liberal Democrats: Over 40 years of campaigning against Heathrow expansion


The local Lib Dems have been campaigning against heathrow expansion since the 1970s. They were founding members of the Heathrow campaign group HACAN.


In the 1980s the local Lib Dems won the campaign to reduce noise by getting aeroplanes to alternate between runways. The Lib Dems were also leading members of the fight against Terminal 4.


Lib Dem Councillors were instrumental in the campaign against Terminal 5 in the 1990s/2000s.


I announced that the Liberal Democrats would support local residents and oppose Heathrow expansion. In government the Lib Dems stuck to this pledge. I now need you to back Sarah to make sure we have another Lib Dem MP in Parliament to fight against the 3rd runway.

Tom Brake, London Liberal Democrat MP


The Labour Government backed the 3rd runway.


The Conservatives claim to be opposed to building the 3rd runway.

I have been working with Susan Kramer and Liberal Democrats across London to make sure our voices are heard in opposing Heathrow expansion. With Sarah as your MP the campaign will have a strong voice in Parliament.

Caroline Pidgeon AM, Lib Dem leader in London


Lib Dems kept their 2010 election promise and ruled out building the 3rd runway while in government.


The Lib Dems successfully fought to keep night flights to a minimum, restricting the number of movements permitted until 2017.


The Lib Dems protected runway alternation to keep aeroplane noise to a minimum.

October 2016

The Conservative Government have betrayed local people. Despite promising they were against the 3rd runway, they have now given the expansion of Heathrow the green light. Local people are rightly angry and dismayed.

November 2016

The Lib Dems have a long record fighting plans for Heathrow expansion. "I know that as our new MP Sarah will pick up the baton and lead the campaign to stop the Conservatives building a 3rd runway.

Baroness Susan Kramer


Both locally and in Parliament the Liberal Democrats have a long and proud record campaigning to stop Heathrow expansion. As your MP I will continue the work of Susan Kramer and the Lib Dem team by fighting to stop the Conservatives’ third runway.

Sarah Olney, Liberal Democrat MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston

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