How you can help us

Thank you for your support.

There are a number of ways you can further help us in Richmond Park & North Kingston

Set up a regular donation

We need  £1,000 a month in regular donations to keep our office and campaign activity at the current levels. That’s equal to 100 supporters committing to give £10 each every month. Even if you can give £3 on a regular basis – less than the price of a coffee (and bun) – the money you can give now will make a huge difference to our ability to plan and carry out campaigns.

Can you help with a regular donation of £3/pm or more?

Make a one off donation

There's never been a better time to donate than now to help Sarah change the course of the government on Brexit, Heathrow and the NHS.  Our Richmond Park Fighting Fund has raised thousands of pounds from individual small donations, allowing the local Lib Dem party to run its office and compete against the well funded Conservatives. 

Help make the case for a positive and generous force in politics.

Thank you again for your support.