78% of all British businesses think leaving EU would be bad for business

_MG_2036.jpgAs UKIP and Eurosceptic Conservative MPs continue to campaign for a British exit from the EU, their case has been weakened by the CBI YouGov poll which found that 78% of all British businesses think leaving the EU would be bad for business.

Robin Meltzer, the Lib Dem Parliamentary Campaigner for Richmond Park and North Kingston said: "Talk to business here and across London and the message comes back loud and clear: being in Europe is best for jobs and growth. Why on earth would we want to take a leap into the unknown?"


Robin and Sarah Ludford, the Liberal Democrat MEP for London, are working to protect and create jobs across Richmond.

"When it comes to the EU's impact on jobs, the facts speak for themselves," said Sarah. 

"Being in Europe brings in billions of pounds of foreign investment each year and gives us access to big trade agreements with the US, China and India.

"It's time that UKIP and the Conservatives realsied that the truth is: it's in Europe, in work. Or out of Europe, out of work.

"And just when our economy is getting back on track - with falling unemployment - it's clearly not the time to be throwing all that away," added Sarah.